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Being a successful trainer is much like planting seeds in rich ground and watching the landscape come alive with bold and beautiful colors and unique beauty. Every group is different. Each trainer develops his or her unique style of facilitating that grows with knowledge, nurturing and experience.


The two-part "Training of Trainers" series offered by the Middelton-Moz Institute is based on a participant-driven model and an introduces the use of ceremony in training. Participants will develop skills as group leaders that will enhance the richness of their unique style and creative abilities. The focus will be placed on creating outstanding presentations, seminars, and workshops and will address areas that have been a concern to many trainers throughout the world.


Do you have excellent presentations yet few participants attend your workshops?
Have you ever lost control of your group?
Do the participants in your presentations seem disinterested in what you have to say?
Do you lose track of what you are saying in the middle of a presentation?
Does anxiety get the better of you when you step in front of a group?
Have aggressive or hostile individuals disrupted your presentations?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, this Training of Trainers is for you.


We will help you become the best trainer you can be. Participants will learn:


How to be a successful and dynamic presenter.
How to deal with your anxiety when you step in front of a group.
How to create a presentation that participants will carry with them long after you leave.
How to deal with difficult people in your audience.
How to create a path for multiple learning styles.
How to create safety and encourage group ownership of the learning experience.

Our two-part (five days each) series offers trainers or potential trainers a rare opportunity to build and/or refine their unique training styles and develop effective and exciting presentations. For more information on the next scheduled Training for Trainers, or to schedule a workshop near you, please contact us.

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